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This site has been developed by A. Wayne Webb as a test-bed to demonstrate what is possible to accomplish with a little effort. It has been designed as a replacement for the existing web site for the Ashland University Archives web site. The concept, the implementation, and the funding, has all been covered by my blood and sweat. There are many, many other things yet to put into place. This all requires funding.

However, without you the visitor, putting in your vote and informing the powers-that-be your wishes it shall go the way of many other worthy endeavors wanting for attention. A quote from Bro. Henry R. Holsinger is in order

I have considerable liberality but very little money... If I give one-tenth, I will have nine-tenths of my means left. It seems to me that you, my brethren, who are worth one hundred thousand dollars...H. R. Holsinger

This quotation, in part, is that given in a speech by Bro. Holsinger when referring to Ashland College at the Brethren Church's first convention in Dayton, Ohio, in June 1883. He, and others, were trying to put together funding to save what is today one of the finest liberal arts colleges in the nation, Ashland University.

If no support is received this web site will suffer the ignominious end that Ashland University may have met if not for that intervention.

Following is a sample of what is intended for this site.

  • Move the contents of the various archive records from Past Perfect.
    PastPerfect is an archive catalog program for use within an institution.  Its online abilities are severely limited needing too much customization to make it work and does not well serve visitors with its ineffective search engine.  At present there are 25,000+ records spread across three primary archives: the Ashland University Archives, the Brethren Church Archives, and the John M. Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs Archives.  A PastPerfect sample can be seen here.  Here is the same record on this site.
  • Make available as many records online as possible in a more coherent arrangement.
    This will be accomplished by outputting the PastPerfect archive databases to files compatible for importation into an online CMS database such as contained on this temporary web site.  The technology is in place, needing only the funding to create this site on the proper server.  That would be Phase 1.  Phase 2 would be detailing which records would be converted from PastPerfect and moved online.  This would be an extensive, time consuming undertaking.
  • Archivally digitize those records of the most interest to researchers.
    One highly desired set of records are the "greens" of the John M. Ashbrook collection.  This would be Phase 3.  These "greens" are the carbon copies of antiquity and are invaluable research media for politically-minded historians.  This also includes the extensive collections housed by Ashland University and the Brethren Church which are more actively researched as evidenced by site visitation reports than the Ashbrook collection.
  • Make those records housed on this site fully text searchable.
    The technology involved is quite simple with the main determent being the time involved.  It is a "hands on" approach that can be time consuming for a single individual.  Spread across a small dedicated group, it becomes much less difficult.  A sample can be viewed here.  But before clicking on the link, search the site first to see what can be accomplished.
    To the right of this text is a small black block with "Search" in it.  Type the word "Proceedings" into the block, or just a portion of the phrase will do, and let the magic of the search engine perform its miracles.  Better yes, try the phrase "wors" and you have discovered those records mentioning John H. Worst.

As pointed out, this all requires funding and site development to this point has been borne by this writer.  Each phase can be broken into more manageable blocks.  It is time to move forward.  If not this site will become a failed enterprise.  Please make your choice, this site or the old one, and vote using the links provided below.