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Title: George F. Kern Collection
Accession #:BCA 2006-00005Accessed: ???? ??. ????Rec'd by:David R. Roepke
Acquisition #:BCA 2006-00005Acquired: ???? ??, ????Acq'd by:David R. Roepke
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Category:Manuscript CollectionSub-Category:Artifact
Storage Medium: File storage boxStorage Location:BC Archives
Classification:Education, religion

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Scope, Content, Abstract:

George F. Kern [Click for larger image]George Frederick Kern was born on a farm in Twin Township, Preble County, Ohio on March 1, 1880, a son of the late Frederick W. and Sophia 'Eichoff' Kern.  He died suddenly of a coronary heart attack at about 7:30 P.M., January 22, 1944, at the age of 63 years, 11 months, at his residence, 1727 Harvard Blvd.  He married Edith Rebecca Hendrix on April 18, 1903.  To this marriage was born three children: a son Myron, a daughter Alberta Bartholomew, and a daughter Nora Louise.

He was educated in Perry Township High School.  He was self educated, having worked his way through his college education.

He started a teaching career in Perry Township district schools at the age of nineteen and attended college each summer.  He attended the Ohio University, Athens, Ohio; Lebanon College at Lebanon, Ohio, and Miami University at Oxford, Ohio.  He received his L. L.B. degree from LaSalle Extension University in 1922.

His teaching career included appointments at Air Hill and Amity.  Thereafter he served as principal of Pyrmont Schools and Superintendent of Madison Township Schools, Trotwood , Ohio.

He resigned his teaching career to start a banking career in 1912 when he organized the West Dayton Commercial and Savings Bank.  His inspiration to become a banker was gained from his admiration of Myron T. Herrick.  His respect for Myron Herrick was so outstanding that he named his first child for him.  When the West Dayton Commercial and Savings Bank was merged with the City National Trust and Savings Bank he become Vice President of this institution.  Upon the merger of the City National Trust and Savings Bank with the Union Trust Company he was named Vice President in charge of the trust department and at the time of the liquidation of the latter bank he became affiliated with the Trust Department of the Winters National Bank.

He resigned his banking career in the spring of 1934 at the age of fifty-three years to take up the practice of law, which career he followed successfully until the time of his death.

He was one of the organizers of the Lincoln Federal Savings and Loan Association, of which he was a director at the time of his death.

He was active in educational and civic work in this community.  While pursuing his career he was a teacher of banking and finance at the Y. M. C. A. College.  He was a former trustee of the Y. M. C. A. and a member of the educational committee of this institution.  He was a former member of the Board of Education of Dayton, Ohio.  He has served his community in many other capacities as an advisor and a committeeman.  He was serving as a member of the National Mission Board of the Brethren Church and as a Trustee of Ashland College, Ashland, Ohio at the time of his death.

The majority of the files found in this collection relate to the 1939 division of the Brethren Church and the Grace Brethren Church.

Box 1:
  1. Annual financial report auxiliary organizations 1939.
  2. Ashland College audit report 1936.
  3. Ashland College Bulletin: 1937-1938.
  4. *Ashland College 1940, 1941, 1942.
  5. Ashland College 1942.
  6. Ashland College 1942.
  7. Ashland College 1943.
  8. Ashland College financial report 1940.
  9. Brethren Evangelist: 1938-1941.
  10. Brethren Home Mission Council.
  11. Brethren Loyalty Association.
  12. Brethren Missionary Herald: 1940-1943.
  13. Bulletin Grace Theological Seminary 1938.
  14. Correspondence 1938.
  15. Correspondence 1940.
  16. Correspondence 1941.
  17. Correspondence 1942.
  18. Design of Baptism.
  19. First Brethren Church, Long Beach, California 1937.
  20. Fourth Principal of the Doctrine of Christ, I. D. Bowman.
  21. Free Grace.
  22. General Conference Brethren Church Winona Lake 1939.
  23. Gospel Church Polity, I. D. Bowman.
  24. Grace and Obedience, I. D. Bowman.
  25. Law.
  26. Missionary Board Brethren Church.
  27. News clippings 1940.
  28. News clippings 1939.
  29. Ohio Conference five program for Brethren Churches.
  30. Ohio District Conference of Brethren Church, 1939.
  31. Open letters, by L. S. Bauman, 1938.
  32. Sunday School Bulletin.
  33. Sunday School Times 1939.
  34. Third Brethren Church Johnstown, PA. 1939.
  35. Whole Gospel 1938.
  36. University of Dayton.
Box 2:  Correspondence files
  1. Charles Anspach.
  2. Charles A. Bame.
  3. Louis Bauman.
  4. W. S. Bell.
  5. Albert J. Cole – Peru case.
  6. William S. Crick.
  7. William F. Croft.
  8. A. L. DeLozier.
  9. J. G. Dodds.
  10. Clarence Y. Gilmer
  11. Wilhelm Johansson, estate.
  12. J. Ray Klingensmith.
  13. N. V. Leatherman.
  14. L. E. Lindower.
  15. E. G. Mason.
  16. R. F. Porte.
  17. E. M. Riddle.
  18. G. T. Ronk.
  19. Willis Ronk.
  20. H. H. Rowsey.
  21. Martin Shively.
  22. Prof. Stuckey.
  23. Claude Studebaker.
  24. Fred C. Vanator.
  25. W. C. Wertz.
  26. C. F. Yoder.
  27. Frank Yoder
  28. M. R. Zigler.
Box 3:  Files related to the lawsuit filed regarding the Dayton Brethren Church in 1939
  1. Barnard's letters.
  2. Brethren Church case appeal.
  3. Brethren Church of Dayton, Hillcrest Ave. at Main Street.
  4. Brief.
  5. Church litigation file.
  6. Comments, briefs, research, etc.
  7. Constitution, by-laws, articles of incorporation and copies of deeds to church properties.
  8. Copies of resolutions, etc.
  9. Correspondence litigation in California.
  10. Correspondence regarding costs of suit.
  11. Covington, VA church case.
  12. Dayton Church vs First Brethren Church.
  13. Eyeman estate.
  14. Forms and letters to conference delegates.
  15. Litigation at Warsaw.
  16. Mailing lists.
  17. Miamisburg Conference of the Brethren Church.
  18. Miscellaneous items.
  19. New Neighbors League.
  20. Outline of church evidence.
  21. Propaganda.
  22. Questionaires.
  23. Wilson-church notes.
  24. Witnesses for trial.