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Acquisition / Accession Report

Brethren Church Archives

Title: Kilhefner, Plank & Lonero Photograph Collection
Accession #:BCA 2004-023Accessed: Nov. 24, 2005Rec'd by:David R. Roepke
Acquisition #:BCA 2004-023Acquired: n/aAcq'd by:David R. Roepke
Donee:Dorman RonkDonation type:Gift
Address:n/aDeclared value:$n/an/a
Category:Manuscript CollectionSub-Category:Artifact
Storage Medium: File storage boxStorage Location:BC Archives

Publication / Copyright Information

Address:n/aItem type:n/an/aGenre:n/a
Reserved:For future useReserved:For future use

Scope, Content, Abstract:

Isaac Kilhefner [Click for larger image]The Kilhefner, Plank and Lonero family photographic collection was acquired by Laveda Kovar of Cleveland, Ohio.  This collection contains numerous family photographs along with several newspaper clippings related to the family.  The Kilhefner family was from the Ashland, Ohio area.  During the formative years of Ashland College, both Reverend Isaac Kilhefner (Board of Trustees president 1889) and Mr. Edwin Kilhefner were very supportive of Ashland College.  For many years they served on the Board of Trustees for Ashland College.  In addition, Ed Kilhefner donated the land on which the Park Street Brethren Church, Ashland, Ohio was constructed, 1926.

The collection was presented to the Brethren Church Archives by Dorman Ronk, Ashland, Ohio November 24, 2005.  Laveda Kovar, as mentioned earlier, had acquired the photographs as a family descendent.  Sometime later the collection of photographs was given to her long time high school friend Margery Webster at the Ashland County Historical Society, Ashland, Ohio.

Box 1:
  1. Ashland Street Fair.
  2. Beattie.
  3. Dube.
  4. Haskins.
  5. Kate.
  6. Kilhefner.
  7. Lonero.
  8. McKean.
  9. Plank.
  10. Raubenault.
  11. Sarasota, Florida.
  12. Simmermacher.
  13. Smith.
  14. Switzer.
  15. Walnut Street School, Ashland, Ohio.
  16. Unknown.
  17. Unknown.
  18. Unknown.
  19. Unknown.
  20. Unknown.
  21. Births, Marriages, Deaths.
  22. Newspaper clippings, biographical information.


See also the over sized box for the Garman Family genealogical tables which provide lineage information for the Kilhefner family.