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Title: Joseph R. Shultz Collection
Accession #:BCA 2005-00001Accessed: 2005Rec'd by:David Roepke
Acquisition #:BCA 2005-00001Acquired:  2005Acq'd by:David Roepke
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Category:Manuscript CollectionSub-Category:Ministerial
Storage Medium: File storage boxStorage Location:BC Archives
Classification:Religion, eduction

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Scope, Content, Abstract:

Charles R. Shultz [Click for larger image]Dr. Joseph R. Shultz (May 9, 1927-September 24, 2003). Dr. Shultz was a graduate of Ashland University in 1950, and the Ashland Theological Seminary in 1952.  In 1954 he received the Ed. D. degree from the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  From 1962 to 1963 he did graduate work at New College and the University of Edinbourgh, Scotland in Post Doctorate Research.  In 1993 he received the honorary Doctorate of Letters from Asia Union Theological Seminary and in 1994 he received his PH. D from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He was an ordained minister in the Brethren Church.  From 1963 to 1979 he served as dean of the Ashland Theological Seminary, Ashland, Ohio.  From 1979 to 1992 he became president of Ashland University, Ashland, Ohio.  Dr. Shultz was a founding director of the Brethren Encyclopedia Inc.

On June 17, 1950 he was married to Doris V. Hart. He is survived by three sons and one daughter.

These collected works of Dr. Joseph R. Shultz (1927-2003) were gathered by Dale R. Stoffer of the Ashland Theological Seminary, Ashland, Ohio.  The bulk of the material concerns the educational interests of Dr. Shultz.

Box 1:
  1. Ashland Seminary-Cleveland Plain Dealer-February 19, 1966.
  2. Bahnsen Lecture.
  3. 354 The Biblical Doctrine of the church.
  4. Brethren history.
  5. C.P.I. [Cleveland Psychiatric Institute].
  6. College Seminary Student Conference March 16-17, 1973.
  7. Conference on the Concept of the Believers’ Church.
  8. Continuing education programs.
  9. Correspondence July 1, 1978-June 30, 1979.
  10. Correspondence March 1, 1979-June 30, 1979.
  11. Correspondence July 1, 1979-June 30, 1980.
  12. General correspondence July 1, 1980-June 31, 1981.
  13. General correspondence July 1, 1981-June 30, 1982.
  14. Development drive 1964-1974.
  15. The Educational Ministry of the Church, by Joseph R. Shultz, 1964.
  16. Field education.
  17. How Far is Religion Inherited, and how much learned, by Joseph R. Shultz, 1964.
  18. How to Evaluate Your Christian Education Program, by D. Campbell Wyckoff, 1962.
  19. Lay theology-Indiana.
  20. Lay theology-1972.
  21. Leadership, by Joseph R. Shultz.
  22. Leadership Training, guide for observing church school.
  23. Literacy—Church of Christ in the Sudan Nigeria, Africa (literacy program).
  24. Mennonite model for theological education in the free church tradition.
  25. Newsletter March 1967.
  26. Newsletter June 1967.
  27. Newsletter November, 1967.
  28. Newsletter March, 1968.
  29. Newsletter November, 1968.
  30. Newsletter March, 1969.
  31. Newsletter November, 1969.
  32. Pastoral Counseling.
  33. Printed brochures.
  34. Printed brochures.
  35. Printed brochures.
  36. Ronk memorial chapel pledges.
  37. Seminary building fund.
  38. Shipshewana Retreat Center.
  39. A Suggested Guide for Planning and Survey Committees.
  40. Syllabi-Munson.
  41. Theology of Church Architecture.
  42. The Theology of the Sacraments.
  43. Trip to the holy land.
  44. Holy land trip 1968.
  45. Trip to the holy land 1970-1971.