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Brethren Church Archives

Title: Hillcrest Brethren Church records (Ohio)
Accession #:BCA 2004-00021Accessed: ???? ??, ????Rec'd by:David Roepke
Acquisition #:BCA 2004-00021Acquired: June 26, 2004Acq'd by:David Roepke
Donee:Hillcrest congregationDonation type:Gift
Address:Hillcrest Ave.Declared value:$n/aDayton, Ohio 45406
Category:Manuscript CollectionSub-Category:Congregational
Storage Medium: File storage boxStorage Location:BC Archives
Classification:Religion, congregation

Publication / Copyright Information

Address:n/aItem type:n/an/aGenre:n/a
Reserved:For future useReserved:For future use

Scope, Content, Abstract:

Church photo [Click for larger image]The Hillcrest Brethren Church of Dayton, Ohio was organized in 1882.  Elder J. W. Beer with 12 other members met in the Old German Baptist Brethren Church in Dayton, Ohio.  In 1899 this group of members bought a church building on Conover Street.  By 1908 42 new members joined this organization that year.  By January 21, 1911 a need for a new church building was realized from this rapidly growing congregation.  As a result this organization purchased land on Grosvenor Street to erect a new church building.  This new building was dedicated May 12, 1912 which by this time the church membership had reached 1000 members.

In 1939, following the division of the Grace Brethren group from the Ashland Brethren caused this congregation to split.  Following much discussion the group loyal to the Ashland Brethren was forced to leave this earlier church building.  By 1943 this group had erected a new building on Hillcrest Avenue in Dayton, Ohio.  This new building was designed after the Patrick Henry Church of Richmond, Virginia.  On September 11, 1945 a mortgage burning ceremony for this new structure was held.

Records from this church were presented to Ashland Theological Seminary, Ashland, Ohio upon the closing of the Hillcrest Brethren Church.  The collection was organized at some point by a member of this church.  The numerous file storage boxes contained a detailed inventory guide to the collection.  However, due to the lack of a series guide, the collection was reorganized when acquired by the Brethren Church Archives from the Ashland Theological Seminary, November 11, 2004.  This procedure was done to allow for a simplified filing scheme for the collection.

Box 1
  1. Histories of the church.
  2. Committees.
  3. Congregational meetings (1945-1991).
  4. Directories (1909-1986).
  5. Financial records and information (1940-1991).
  6. Membership information.
  7. Photographs.
  8. Trustees and church property.
  9. Women's Missionary Society.
  10. 1939 church split legal case.