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Proceedings of the Dayton Convention… June, 1883

Proceedings of the Dayton Convention held by the Brethren Church,
Music Hall, Dayton, Ohio on June 6th and 7th, 1883

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PROCEEDINGS. The exercises commenced with the singing of the twenty-ninth hymn in the collection of gospel hymns, announced by Elder H. R. Holsinger, of Ashland, Ohio. After the singing Elder Holsinger said: My Christian Brethren and Sisters: Having a very important work before us to-day, we will bring that work before God in prayer this morning; asking his aid, his guidance, and his help. Our custom in worship is in the kneeling posture, and as far as it can be conveniently done we will follow our general custom to kneel while we pray, and I hope we will all be earnestly engaged to our Heavenly Father for his assistance. Brother Brown will lead us in prayer. PRAYER BY P. J. BROWN. Almighty God, creator of the heavens, upholder and preserver of all things, by the word of thy power all things do exist, and we are as humble worshiperg at thy feet this morning. We acknowledge ourselves but dust in thy sight, and that we are unworthy of any favors from thy hands or even the notice of thine eye. But we believe that thine all-searching eye sees all that is done, both the good and the evil throughout the world. Thou art acquainted with the circumstances under which we meet. From far and near, thy children are gathered together to hold sweet counsel—to unite in one heart and soul in supplica-