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Proceedings of the Dayton Convention… June, 1883

Proceedings of the Dayton Convention held by the Brethren Church,
Music Hall, Dayton, Ohio on June 6th and 7th, 1883

Preface page — Proceedings of the Dayton Convention… June, 1883 [Click for larger image] title=Preface page

PREFACE. The committee appointed by the Convention to revise its work preparatory to publication, have taken the liberty to expunge some irrelevant matter and condense a few speeches. Nothing pertaining to actual business has been purposely omitted, and in condensing several speeches it was done to give clearness of expression and force, rather than other wise. Some of the routine work, announcements made by the chair, and discussions that were out of regular order have been omitted for the sake of brevity. The reporter, Mr. L. B. Clifton , was very particular to take down the proceedings of the entire Convention, and with the above exceptions we present it to our readers, hoping that all will be pleased with the report and result of the Convention. J. W. BEER, C. A. COLER, J. A. RIDENOUR, J. H. WORST, Committee.