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Roger A. Moore

Roger A. Moore

(August 8, 1931 – June 4, 1990)

Roger Allan Moore was born August 8, 1931 in Framingham, Massachusetts, to Ralph Chester Moore (1931-1973) and Mabelle 'Taft' Moore 1900-1974).  In 1949 he graduated summa cum laude from Framingham High School.  On July 4, 1955, he married Barbara Lee Wildman.  Their four children include Marshal Christian, Elizabeth Lee, Taft Hayden Davis and Allan Baron.  His education consisted of an Artium Baccalaureatum (A. B.) from Harvard College being awarded in 1953 cum laude with a concentration in American History and Literature.  In 1956 he earned the Juris Doctor (J. D.) from Harvard Law School.

His professional career began in 1953 when he worked as a legal assistant for the Attorney General of Massachusetts, George Fingold (1908-1958), a position he held until 1956.  In that year he began as an associate for the law firm of Ropes & Gray, which eventually led to his appointment as a partner in 1967.  At this same time, 1956, he served as the Executive Director, Citizens for Eisenhower State of Massachusetts.  During his college years at Harvard, he served as the college director for the Young Republicans National Federation from 1951 to 1953.  During these early formative years, Roger Moore would acquire many personal contacts in the Republican Party.  These contracts allowed him to be appointed as Parliamentarian to the Republican National Convention from 1964 to 1972.

In 1960 he was appointed as Chairman of the Board of National Review Incorporated.  His fine speaking ability earned him many awards from both Harvard College and the American Legion.  Some of his activities included:

  • Barry M./ Goldwater Presidential Campaign, General Counsel, 1964.
  • Republican National Committee — General Counsel, 1981-1989.
  • Republican National Convention — General Counsel, 1984 1988.
  • Pres. Ronald W. Reagan / Vice-Pres. George H. W. Bush Election Campaign — General Counsel, 1984.
  • Epistoler — Consecration of Scottish Episcopal Bishop of Edinburgh, Richard Holloway, 1986.
  • Beacon Hill Civic Association — President, Director.

On June 4, 1990 he died in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Roger A. Moore Collection held by the John M. Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs Archives includes selected works from Roger's personal library as well as a small collection of personal photographs.