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John M. Ashbrook

Photograph John and Joan Ashbrook. [Click for larger image]John Ashbrook's congressional office records (legislative, executive, general files, and greens) were placed first in the collection since they are almost a complete record (1968-1982) of his service to the 17th congressional Ohio district. Contained in 153 boxes, most of the files are arranged alphabetically according to year and consist primarily of correspondence from constituents. The legislative files focus on Ashbrook's activities as a legislator. The executive files are departmental files consisting of original constituent correspondence. The general files contain office procedure correspondence received from constituents. The greens serves as an index to a particular year. These are carbon copies of all outgoing correspondence and are arranged alphabetically by the name of addressee.

After the congressional office records were placed copies of his bills and news releases/newsletters. Following these files are the congressional / committee activity files. They shed light on his congressional committee activities. Ashbrook served on the Education Labor Committee from 1961-1982, the Un-American Activities Committee from 1963-1974, the Judiciary Committee from 1975-1982, the Congressional Operations Committee from 1975-1978, and the Intelligence Committee from 1978-1982.

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