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Frederick A. Lennon

Photograph: Frederick A. Lennong [Click for larger image]

Frederick A. Lennon

(Nov. 26, 1905 – July 23, 1998)

Frederick A. Lennon, more familiarly known just as Fred, born in the Eighth Ward of Providence, Rhode Island, was the son of Patrick T. and Catherine 'Toner' Lennon.  His parents, Patrick T. Lennon (1865-     ) and Catherine 'Toner' Lennon (1863-1935) emigrated to the United States, respectively, in 1881 and 1880, settling in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, before eventually settling in Providence, same state, where their son Frederick A. was born.  Patrick T. was of Scottish, or possibly Irish, nativity while Catherine was English in nativity.  They were married in 1889, presumably in Rhode Island.  Patrick was a tool maker.

Sometime in the the early 1920's, as early as 1921, the family moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where the father was employed as a mechanical engineer living on Scottwood Avenue, being advanced in years. His wife, Catherine, their daughters Theresa F. and Catherine E., and son Henry (Harry) E. are listed as boarders in 1921.  His son Frank J. was a machinist living on East 123rd Street.  He, Patrick, died in Cleveland after 1943. Even by this time, and following in his father's footsteps, Frederick was a machine serviceman, demonstrating what would become his lifetime passion, mechanical engineering.

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